Bpython interface for Python 3

Few months back I've started dabbling in the world of Python 3.6. So far it has been quite a ride even though I've had some previous programming experience. Python is quite unique language and is very easy to learn. Since I've started learning about Python, I also started searching for its real life applications and if there is any way to use this knowledge more efficiently.

To some of you it may not be new news, however there are people who might not know this. As you know, Python has command line interface where you can import your code or write live code and test it as you go. This is great, however if you make one small mistake (you know how it is with Python and indentations for example) and you will need to rewrite this line of code all over again.

These programming mistakes can be easily avoided with bpython! This is an improved interface for Python which supports built-in color highlighting of the code, autocompletion, rewind function, send the code directly to pastebin, auto-indentation, support for Python 3 and much more!

Most distros have bpython as a package (I know Ubuntu and Linux Mint have it), all you need to do is:

apt-get install bpython3

and start it with


If your distro does not have it, you can always download the offcial tarball from here.

Here is a quick demo of bpython looks like:

bpython3 demo

bpython3 demo 2

Give bphython a go if you like coding in Python, you will not regret it!